What To Do When Your Creativity Has Been Put On Hold

What To Do When Your Creativity Has Been Put On Hold

What To Do When Your Creativity Has Been Put On Hold

I have this itch. I’ve had it for a while now. It’s there inside me just below the surface. Most of the time I try to ignore it. Some days it’s worse than others.

So is this some kind of medical condition I need to get checked out? Maybe a trip to the dermatologist? No. I tend to think of it more as a “phantom” itch. It’s reminding me of something that used to be there. You know, like what someone experiences after they lose a limb.

What I’m talking about is CREATIVITY. More specifically, a hobby. Something I used to enjoy doing, but haven’t for many years. I’ve written before about how we tend to put our passions and dreams on hold as we get older. Life, family, jobs, responsibilities, and lack of time just seem to get in the way. But I think to be truly happy in life we need to find time to explore our creativity and allow it to be a healthy outlet.

Last week, Melissa and I were out having lunch and running a couple errands after church on Sunday. We stopped at an office supply store to pick up a couple things, and that’s when I saw it. The art section. Sketch pads, pencils, paints, all manner of art supplies. I decided right then and there it was time to “scratch the itch.” I picked out a set of pencils and a sketch pad and brought them home. I felt like a kid at Christmas – the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the feeling of clean white art paper.

My goal is to start sketching in my downtime. You know, instead of wasting time and playing on my phone. (Of course, you guys never do that. Right?) I’m absolutely positive that I’m going to be terrible at it. I haven’t done anything like this in years. Being slightly OCD and a perfectionist, the fact that I can’t be great at something right off the bat can be discouraging. But the key is persistence and patience. And to just have fun! Who knows, maybe I’ll even share some of my artwork with you!

So what passions and hobbies have you given up on over the years? Is there a specific one that you miss? Maybe you’ve been thinking about picking it back up. I encourage you to go do it! Let me know how it goes.

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