My Name Is Andrew and I Think I’m a Hoarder

My Name Is Andrew and I Think I’m a Hoarder

I’ve never thought of myself as a hoarder until I got married. Melissa and I were married 6 years ago this August. Since then we’ve moved 4 times. Every single time we move, we are shocked at how much STUFF we have. How did we amass all this? Do we actually use all this? What is this and where did it come from?!?!

As I’ve embarked on this new journey of self-discovery, one of the areas of my life that I am addressing is material possessions. We have lived in apartments ever since we were first married. And to be honest, some days feel completely claustrophobic surrounded by all our stuff! Our second bedroom/office has essentially become a large storage closet with little to no actual usability. It’s embarrassing!

So how did I get into this mess (literally)? Growing up, my family traveled a lot preaching and singing. (Thankfully this was all before the dawn of the internet and social media, so there is very little evidence out there, other than a few random LPs and Cassette tapes. LOL) I found myself drawn to comic books early on, and that became my solace and ever present companion as we journeyed from city to city. Back in the late 80s and early 90s comic book shops were everywhere! And I always made sure to stop in at the local comic shop and pick up some of the latest issues. I stopped collecting when I went off to college but later fell back into my “habit” a few years after graduation.

Fast forward a couple decades to our most recent move. I was finally able to get my entire collection under one roof after having several boxes stored in my parents’ basement. The grand total? Around 100 white boxes, holding approximately 150 comics each. That’s 15,000 individual issues!! WOW. Needless to say, the decision was immediately made to NEVER move that many boxes of comic books ever again.

So the Great Downsize of 2017 is in full effect. I am listing some of my comic books and collectibles on eBay, and Melissa and I have already managed to fill 5 large black trash bags with clothing (JUST CLOTHING). This past weekend we took 3 carloads of miscellaneous garage sale items to my parents and were able to sell 2/3 of that.

So what’s the takeaway in all of this? Are material things bad? Not necessarily, unless we are trying to fill a void in our lives. In my previous post, I made the statement “Spending the majority of our days doing things we don’t enjoy with people we may or may not like being around to get a paycheck in order to pay bills and buy more stuff that we don’t need that won’t make us happy anyway.” It’s true.

Two questions we ask when deciding to get rid of something – Do I actually use this item? and Does this item make me happy? If I can’t answer yes to at least one of these questions, I need to get rid of it.

So are you a hoarder? Do you have way more stuff than you actually need? Does the stuff you have actually cause you more stress than happiness? Maybe you need to consider having a yard sale this summer. How about making a donation to Goodwill? Fellow blogger Corie Clark actually offers a 6 WEEK DECLUTTER CHALLENGE course, as well as a book entitled “The Simplicity Project.” I encourage you to go check it out!

What’s one thing you can do this week to start getting your clutter under control? Please leave me a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “My Name Is Andrew and I Think I’m a Hoarder

  1. I have to say I’m impressed by the organization. At least the comics are filed in cute little white boxes. I have a similar file system that I had hoped to file my photos in but they still sit empty. 🙄

    1. Just because they’re in boxes doesn’t mean they’re organized. Half of them aren’t labeled and they’re hardly sorted. Big job ahead of me! Good luck with the photo filing. Maybe a summer project (?)

  2. Wow!! This is so timely. We just moved from a house to a duplex about 1/3 the size and I am frustrated beyond words (and a little ashamed) with all the stuff we have. What was your tipping point that pushed you over the edge and made you get rid of stuff?

    1. Thanks, Doug! We are hoping to relocate this fall and it’s just overwhelming to think about moving again with all this stuff. Especially the comic books!!

  3. Loved this post. My cousin was a hoarder. She needed to move into an elderly home and couldn’t find her social security card. Enter…me. Well actually, me and my daughter. It took 3 months to work through each room which really was piles next to piles with a narrow pathway to get from one pile-filled room to the next. One day when she spoke to me on the phone she said, “I hope you’re not throwing away my matchbooks…”

    Anyway, job was completed and I found that card as well as cash she didn’t know she had.

    You’ll have to check out the post I published. No, I didn’t write about hoarding, I wrote about giving.

    1. Thanks, Anne! I do like my piles, but thankfully I’m not that bad! LOL! I’ll definitely check out your post 😄

  4. It’s hard moving around, we were pretty transient until I went to high school. Sometimes all the moving really helped parsing what was worth trekking to a new state or place. My mother lugged a piano up and down the east coast. One that isn’t even used anymore.

    But slowly we’ve been clearing out space and I’ve been going through the want and need question a lot. I’ve got my next few boxes to drop off at Goodwill tomorrow so thanks for reminding me.

    And any Darkwing Duck comics? Not for me! Haha, for my cousin 😉

    1. Thanks for the comment! And yeah moving again will definitely give me the motivation to get rid of some of this stuff!! We’ll probably do a couple more yard sales this summer and take some stuff to to Goodwill. And unfortunately no Darkwing Duck comics. Lol. My collection is mostly superhero comics from the 90s and 2010s 🙂

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